Temporary Worker

Canada is a land of opportunities. As a foreign worker, you will demonstrate your skills and gain valuable experience to develop yourself in a professional and personal way.

Integra Immigration will take care of all paperwork and red tape for you and your future employer!

  • Approved job offer
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (if applicable)
  • Temporary resident visa (if applicable)
  • Proof of financial support
  • Occupations in food services, accommodation and retail trade sectors are barred from this program in regions with a 6%+ unemployment rate.
Latest news
Work permit duration will be reduced to one-year periods in the upcoming months

Step 1 – Obtain a job offer
Step 2 – Obtain a LMIA (if applicable)
Step 3 – Obtain the authorization to work in a specific province (if applicable)
Step 4 – Pass medical examination (if applicable)
Step 5 – Obtain work permit

  • Same wages and benefits as those received by Canadians
  • International work experience added to your resume
  • Integra Immigration will advise both employer and employee to follow the best path for possible future transition to permanent residence

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