Consultor Reglamentado en Inmigración Canadiense RCICAmong Canada’s most admirable qualities order and transparency stand out, so it is no surprise that to work as an immigration consultant in Canada it is necessary to be certified as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC.

What is the ICCRC?

The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council or ICCRC is the organization responsible of regulating the ethical and appropriate performance of the immigration consultants. Its objective is to ensure that the consultants work with integrity, in accordance to the law and that they offer high quality to their customers. To achieve the above, the Council continuously implements processes and programs to train consultants and to make them accountable, these programs and processes allow for the consultants professional development, the formalization of the profession and the strengthening of the relations with society.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC

Canada’s economic development strongly depends on immigration and to reach its goals having a very robust immigration system is necessary. To know the depths of such a system is no easy task, the immigration programs have complex and ever changing processes that require attention to detail, deep knowledge, following the evolution of laws and regulations and constant update and training.

This is a full time job, and the conscious and dedicated professional is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC informed on immigration law and Canadian immigration system, integrated to a professional network, proficient in at least one of the official languages, monitored and supported by ICCRC and required to abide by a strict code of professional ethics.

In addition to the dedication and knowledge, the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC strives to guide his customers, study their cases and be honest; the RCIC tries to simplify processes, increase chances and avoid delays.

Avoid fraud

Anyone can fill papers and make false promises. Coming to Canada is a real possibility for hundreds of people, but it is a process that requires preparation, time and attention. Avoid putting your trust (and money) en non-regulated people, the information and services they provide are often confusing and incomplete and if you are not satisfied there is no one to complain to.
If you wish to hire a service of this sort take some time to check the lista de miembros registrados del ICCRC.

Integra Canadian Immigration Services specialists:

Lizzeth Ruiz

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC R508397
Regulated Immigration Consultant for Quebec (MIDI) 11523
Quebec Commissioner of Oaths
Bachelor Degree in Finances
Mexican permanent resident of Canada, with more than 12 years of experience in project management, she specializes in immigration programs for business people, spousal sponsorship, express entry and citizenship.

Kyle Broda

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC R508428
Quebec Commissioner of Oaths
Master of Education
Master of Linguistics
Canadian with more than 10years of experience on international education and language proficiency exams, which has led him to specialize in academic and immigration programs for students as well as provincial immigration programs.

Luz Helena Fernández

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC R509560
Regulated Immigration Consultant for Quebec (MIDI) 11559
Quebec Commissioner of Oaths
Master of International Law
Colombian permanent resident of Canada specializes on immigration programs for temporary workers and Quebec.