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Provincial Nominee Programs

As a permanent resident, you will have rights and obligations such as live, work or study anywhere in Canada, and respect all Canadian laws at the federal, provincial and municipal level. There are several programs which you could obtain the permanent residence through.

Integra Immigration will find out which program better suits your situation!

permanent-residentMost provinces and territories of Canada have agreements with the government that lets them nominate immigrants who want to settle there. These programs contribute to the economic development of these regions.

Integra Immigration will help you choose the best program for you!


  • Intent to reside in the province of application (other than Quebec)
  • Intermediate or advanced intermediate (depending on the category) language proficiency in English or French
  • Full-time permanent job offer in an eligible occupation
  • Appropriate qualifications, training, skills or accreditations for the job
  • Sufficient settlement funds
  • LMIA may be required
  • Those specific to each program and province/territory


  • You have 6 months after receiving the nomination certificate to apply for permanent residence.
  • Live-in caregivers and seasonal workers are not admissible.
  • Students must not be required to return home as part of a scholarship.
  • In the case of business applicants, a passive investment is not acceptable.

Latest news
Rural towns and counties are attracting more immigrants with cheaper property and great job/entrepreneurship opportunities.

Some of these programs have now streams under the Express Entry System.

Step 1 – Obtain a Canadian certification if the profession is regulated
Step 2 – Obtain nomination certificate
Step 3 – Pass medical examination
Step 4 – Obtain permanent resident visa
Step 5 – Confirm permanent resident status


  • In some cases, your process can take place while you are in Canada
  • High quality of life
  • Competitive salary and social benefits
  • Free health care system (paid by collected taxes)
  • Your children will receive the best education at affordable cost

Integra Immigration will keep advising you after your arrival to Canada so you will fulfill the conditions towards the citizenship