As a permanent resident, you will have rights and obligations such as live, work or study anywhere in Canada, and respect all Canadian laws at the federal, provincial and municipal level. There are several programs which you could obtain the permanent residence through.

Integra Immigration will find out which program better suits your situation!

Skilled Trades Program

This program allows people who are qualified in a specific skilled trade to develop their competencies and become permanents residents of Canada.
  • Plan to live outside the province of Quebec
  • Intermediate language proficiency (English or French)
  • 2 years of full-time (or equivalent) paid work experience in an eligible skilled trade in the past five years
  • Full-time Canadian job offer for 1 year or a provincial/territorial certificate of qualification
  • Only Canadian provinces and territories can issue certificates of qualification
  • Each province/territory has its own certification process
Latest news

This program runs now under the Express Entry System


Step 1 – Obtain job offer or certificate of qualification
Step 2 – Pass a medical examination
Step 3 – Obtain a permanent resident visa
Step 4 – Confirm permanent resident status

  • You may have up to two different employers
  • High quality of life
  • Competitive salary and social benefits
  • Free health care system (paid by collected taxes)
  • Your children will receive the best education at an affordable cost
  • Assistance from diverse government programs to succeed in your integration

Integra Immigration provides orientation since you begin your process until after your arrival to Canada, and advise you on the way to keep your status towards citizenship.

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