Wouldn’t it be nice to have unlimited time to study?

You might feel like there is never enough time to do everything these days and we understand!

Our team has 5 RCICs who passed the CICC Exam themselves and, based on our experience (and the results of our clients!), we place a lot of focus on helping you invest your valuable time wisely.

If you have 4 weeks before the exam, give yourself 1-3 hours per day of study time. This works out to about one lesson per day.

A lot of people say that they listen to the lessons in the car and we think this is a fantastic use of your time!

Then, on the weekend, work through one of the simulations. Your goal is to complete it in 3 hours.

After, analyze the reason why each answer is correct or incorrect and look through the references.

Keep up the good work everyone!