In addition to being the center of the French Culture in America Higher Education in Quebec means not just a cultural adventure but world class education opportunities!

Bishop’s University

Campus: Lennoxville

Cost: $3,400 or $7,400 (out of province)

Engaged learning environment where Professors know their students’ names and a strong sense of school spirit can easily be perceived in a campus with a “country club feel”. A $30-million upgrade to Bishop’s sports complex slated for the fall of 2014 promises to strengthen this tradition. Bishop’s offers a strong English degree program with specialties from film studies to popular narrative.

Concordia University

Campus: Montreal

Students: 46,000

Cost: $3,300 or $7,000 (out of province)

With 12,500 part-time students, Concordia can confidently claim to be a leader in flexible, accessible education. Concordia’s communications department has been recognized nationally and internationally.  A $400-million redevelopment is making the neighbourhood much more lively, and providing the school with a more distinct feeling. Concordia’s Loyola campus (seven kilometres away by shuttle or dedicated bike lane) has more atmosphere.

Université Laval

Campus: Quebec City

Cost: $2,700 or $6,400 (out of province)

Laval has been an important hub of learning and research for 350 years. The alumni list of Laval’s law school reads like a Who’s Who of modern politics: Jean Chrétien, Brian Mulroney and Lucien Bouchard are graduates. As host of ArticNet, a network of 140 researchers from 30 Canadian universities, Laval has cemented a position at the centre of research about climate change and the Arctic.

McGill University

Campus Montreal

Cost: $3,800 or $7,900 (out of province)

McGill is in the heart of downtown Montreal, its beautiful historic buildings lend campus a distinct atmosphere in the urban jungle. The university consistently ranks in the top three Canadian universities, scoring first place in the QS World University Rankings in 2013. This international reputation attracts the world’s brightest and McGill counts nine Nobel laureates among its faculty and alumni. The university prioritizes research over undergraduate education and some classes have up to 600 students.

Université de Montréal

Campus: Montreal

Cost: $3,000 or $5,900 (out of province)

With more than 60,000 students, Montréal is Canada’s second-largest university and is globally recognized for its research. Its business school, HEC, is highly-rated worldwide. Several of the school’s undergraduate programs are available in English, French, and even Spanish.


This article is an excerpt of CANADIAN UNIVERSITY REPORT 2014: PROFILES-QUEBEC Help choosing a university in Quebec