With institutions that often rank among the best in the world British Columbia is a great student destination.

World class education, innovative programs, research opportunities and a hard-to-beat environment; getting your Higher Education in British Columbia is the opportunity to live an amazing student experience that will truly set your future in motion.

The final delivery  of a 3 part series with the list of institutions to help you make up your mind:

Part I 

Part II


Locations: Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey

Cost: $6,100

Founded in the 1960s by idealists who, in words of the school’s architect Arthur Erickson, believed departments “created mistaken intellectual boundaries in the student’s mind”. The legacy of this utopian education model remains in high-quality interdisciplinary programs such as environmental science, First Nations, international studies, and the innovative undergraduate semester in dialogue, priding itself in having one of the top geography programs in the world. Students complain that its mountaintop concrete campus is dreary, but branch campuses in downtown Vancouver and Surrey are more lively.


Locations: Kamloops and Williams Lake

Cost: $5,100

Created in 2005 when University College of the Cariboo and BC Open University were combined, TRU continues to be a pioneer of accessible education by allowing students to get credit for material learned through massive open online courses (MOOCs), and its bachelor in interdisciplinary studies that allows students to direct their final two years of study. With 22,000 students, half of whom are enrolled in distance or online programs; students studying at its main campus enjoy small classes and approachable professors. Although Kamloops lacks a cultural scene, ample outdoor opportunities – skiing, mountain biking and hiking – abound.


Location: Nanaimo, Duncan, Parksville and Powell River

Cost: $4,700

Formerly called Malaspina University-College, VIU is known for its flexible, part-time offerings and non-traditional programs. It has made genuine efforts to serve disadvantaged students in its region. The school deserves credit for becoming the first university in B.C. to offer free tuition to students who were under government care as children. The percentage of the student body who identify as aboriginal has now reached 10 percent.Although Nanaimo lacks character, VIU’s location boasts great access to beaches and recreational trails.


Location: Victoria
Cost: $5,900
Surrounded by dense forests and the Salish Sea, University of Victoria offers the best of two worlds: the university is home to significant research, such as its world-class undersea laboratories, and also has a more intimate feel than gargantuan UBC. The university’s philosophy is that the best teachers are active researchers, it has a teaching stream that allows professors to focus on pedagogy research and a unique scholarship program that includes research mentorship to undergraduate students. The university boasts a noted mechanical engineering program and one of the largest co-op programs in Canada. The ambitious Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) initiative, with its cabled undersea observatories, established Victoria firmly on the world stage of ocean discovery and innovation.

Based on the articles by the Globe and Mail Canadian University Report