Apply the following advice and improve your chances of finding a job in Canada

Finding a job in Canada, just like any other job search, is a task that requires dedication, persistence and patience, particularly when the search is performed from outside the country. Nonetheless, as long as there is perseverance, this is a reachable goal.

Learn the language.

Canada has two official languages English and French. Being proficient in either of them represents a strong advantage in the job search; regardless of the trade or profession, employers favor workers with whom they can communicate easily. The proficiency level must be in accordance with the job you want to do.
There is no excuse to not learn, there are a lot of free resources available online; join or start a language club; enroll in a language school in your community, or in Canada!

Define your search.

Canada is a large country where each province and territory has its own specific characteristics, needs and priorities. Take some time to research where your profile may have more demand and if the characteristics of those places are compatible with the conditions you are looking for. Location, climate, services, conditions and cost of life are some of the factors to consider; it is pointless to waste time looking for a job in a place where your would not want to be.

Research the job market.

You may need to validate your credentials, get certified o get a license to exercise your trade or profession; even if you are not planning to do the paperwork before you secure a job offer, it is important to know what to expect and be able to prepare yourself.
Research potential employers, what are they looking for, the corporate culture, what do they offer. This will help to better “sell” yourself.

Prepare a base CV and cover letter.

Your CV must represent you, it has to be well written, be brief and on point. Prepare a template that you can personalize according to the employer; write a cover letter template as well.

Search actively.

Create professional online profiles in different job banks and professional social media. Contact employers directly, many websites have a recruitment or career section; you can also use professional social networks to reach out. Send a concrete proposal and a clear cover letter, avoid sending generic messages. Make yourself known!

Job banks

Here is a list of general job banks. You can find specialized banks online. Good luck! Careers

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