Start-up Visa

What is the Start-up Visa Program??

This is a program that links immigrant entrepreneurs with experienced Canadian private sector organizations who are experts in working with start-ups. If your business idea gets funded you can immigrate to Canada permanently.

What do I need to obtain a start-up visa??

You will need a letter of support from a designated angel investor group, a venture capital fund or a business incubator; a proof of intermediate language proficiency (English or French); one year of post-secondary education and sufficient settlement funds.

How do I get a letter of support from a designated organization??

You must contact a designated organization and convince them that you have a business idea that is worth supporting. Once you reach an agreement with the organization you will receive a letter of support.

Will I have to invest my own money to get a start-up visa??

No. The minimum investment required should come from the venture capital fund or angel investor group that supports you.


What do I need to be eligible under the Self-employed Program??

You must have two years of relevant experience in cultural activities, athletics or farm managing; and show that you intend to become self-employed in Canada.

As a self-employed person, can I do any job I want??

No. Only cultural activities, athletics and farm management are admissible under this program.

Do I have to own a farm in Canada??

Yes, you must prove you will buy a farm in Canada and that you will be actively involved in the management of it.

Is there a net worth requirement to apply under the Self-employed Program??

No, there is no minimum net worth required. However, you must prove you have enough money to settle in Canada and finance the work you intend to do.