As future Canadians, you have probably heard about Express Entry as one of the best options to help you reach your goal of immigrating to Canada.

As Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, this is definitely the #1 option we explore for you because of the quick, 6-month processing time by the government, and also the fact that this program allows you and you family to live your Canadian dream anywhere in Canada (with the exception of Quebec).

Well who exactly is the ideal candidate for immigration through Express Entry?

To begin, there are minimum requirements. Meeting the minimum requirements does not mean you will be selected, but means you qualify to have your points assessed and enter the Pool of Candidates. Once in this pool, you will be compared against other people in the pool and assigned a score, which is based on a variety of areas, including your language, education, age, work experience, Canadian experience, etc.

One way to think of this immigration procedure is to think of it as sort of a job interview rather than applying and waiting in line. The system selects the highest-ranked people who apply rather than whoever applied first.
Depending on the other candidates in the pool, the government chooses a cut-off score and everyone above that score receives an Invitation to Apply.

The score is almost always between 440 and 490 points, so finding ways to increase your points is essential because it means the difference between immigrating and not immigrating.

An unmarried 33 year old with a Master’s Degree, IELTS score of CLB 7, and 3 years of professional work experience would obtain a total of 391 CRS points.

In this case, the person would not be selected for an Invitation to Apply unless he gets a provincial nomination, which is certainly possible. However, it is not a great idea to stay idle and hope for a provincial nomination since this is absolutely not guaranteed and, at his next birthday, this person would lose 5 points because of his age, and more points every year after that.
Instead, there are two strategies.

One is to have an Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant explore the 60+ other immigration options to see if there is a better fit for this person.

The other is to improve his IELTS score to get a higher CLB.

Let’s look at what would happen if this person increased his language score by moving up 2 CLB levels.

An unmarried 33 year old with a Master’s Degree, IELTS score of CLB 9, and 3 years of professional work experience would obtain a total of 447 CRS points. This is right on track to receive an Invitation to Apply and if a perfect application is submitted, this person will be Canadian within 6 months!

So, in conclusion, obtaining the highest score possible on your IELTS exam is incredibly important in helping you reach your Canadian immigration goals!

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