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Canadian Citizenship, you and your IELTS exam.

Canadian Immigration is always an interesting topic and recently there have been quite a few changes to the requirements for Canadian citizenship. Back in June 2017, the following changes were implemented to ease the requirements on citizenship qualification: • Requirement to intend to live in Canada once granted citizenship was repealed • Citizenship revocation provisions…

eTA para ciudadanos mexicanos

Los ciudadanos mexicanos que viajen a Canadá a partir del 1 de diciembre 2016 deberán obtener una eTA para ingresar al país. Infórmate al respecto y recuerda que en Integra Immigration te asesoramos en todo momento para que tengas una experiencia positiva en Canadá! www.integraimmigration.com

Preparing for your language test

Hello everybody! In order to immigrate to Canada under any economic stream, having an IELTS exam is a must. But what do you do if you are not sure about your score and don’t want to spend money on an exam just yet? There is a great (free!) simulation that you can find by clicking…

Sponsoring your spouse

sponsoring your spouse

Love knows no borders and to shorten the distance between you and your significant other there is a specific procedure for sponsoring your spouse to come Canada. Who can you sponsor? Spouse, a legal marriage partner valid under the Canadian law and if performed outside of Canada, valid under the laws of the jurisdiction where…

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